Nitrile Gloves: The Glove Of Choice In High Risk Environments

Nitrile Gloves: Best For High Risk Environments

The word nitrile has become far more commonplace since the start of 2020. With fear taking over the population and safety being a crucial concern, nitrile has become the symbol of a quality glove. So why exactly are nitrile gloves the glove of choice in high-risk environments?

There are many reasons why nitrile gloves are the favorite glove used in hospitals, emergency rooms, clinics and so on. Here are the main reasons why nitrile gloves are ideal for such environments:

a Doctor wearing nitrile gloves

High Protection Level

The high levels of protection they offer is the main reason nitrile gloves are used in high-risk environments. Synthetic rubber which nitrile is made from, offers increased protection against bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pathogens. This is why they are widely used in hospitals, clinics, and medical laboratories.

Nitrile surgical gloves are also recommended for emergency rooms (ER) and recovery rooms. Their antiviral and antimicrobial capacity means they are ideal for examining patients with coronavirus and/or other viruses. With nitrile gloves from a reputable brand, high-level protection is a guarantee.

Greater Chemicals Resistance

In a science lab, medical lab, or when handling drugs, you need protection against chemicals. This is why doctors, nurses, many physicians, and laboratory workers wear gloves while at work. There is no other medical glove that offers better resistance to chemicals while still maintaining the dexterity and flexibility as nitrile gloves do.

nurse wearing a nitrile gloves

Even when handling harsh chemicals, workers’ hands are protected with these gloves on. Some of the chemicals, acids and other substances used in hospitals, labs, and clinics can cause damage to skin. This is why nitrile gloves are often used.

High Tear and Puncture Resistance

One of the biggest risks of using medical gloves is tearing and puncturing while working. This is a common problem with vinyl gloves. If your glove tears when handling dangerous bacteria, or acidic compounds, you may get exposed.

Nitrile material offers greater tear and puncture resistance. These gloves that can withstand even the most demanding clinical environments. Gloves that tear immediately put the wearer at risk, so a strong material is preferable. Nitrile material is a perfect choice for harsh conditions.

Low Resistance to Friction

Friction can damage gloves by wearing them out fast. High resistance to friction causes tearing and puncturing of the glove. This is not a problem with the nitrile gloves. Nitrile material offers very low friction levels making the comfortable to wear, use, and easy to remove. Nitrile gloves are usually not powdered which aids in reducing the friction.

a doctor wearing a nitrile gloves

Snug and Comfortable Fit

The final reason why nitrile gloves are ideal for high-risk environments is they fit so well. The nitrile material perfectly conforms to the shape of the hand. The material also reacts to body temperature to ensure an ideal snug fit, as close to not having a glove on as is possible. This enables doctors and nurses to improve concentration while working in high-risk environments, acting as if they weren’t even wearing a glove at all. However, it’s important for the average person not working in high-risk environments to take care of their health instead of relying on protective gear.

Because of all of the above, nitrile gloves are able to be worn for an extended period of time, meaning they can be more cost effective than other gloves that need to be changed or replaces more regularly.