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Surgical Masks (50 Per Box)

3-Ply Masks are the standard for anyone interacts regularly with others on the street, workplace, or during their daily lives.

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Body Temp Thermometers

Ensure people coming in and out of your space do not have a high fever and are not a high risk of infecting others in the vicinity.

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KN95 (FFP2/N95) Masks

The recommended protection for anyone working in or worried about coming into close contact with pathogens and bacteria.

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Synguard Nitrile Gloves

Medical grade nitrile gloves to stop your hands from coming into contact with bacteria and potentially virus covered surfaces.

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Latex Surgical Gloves

Medical grade, high-quality latex gloves to keep your hands fully covered and protected when in high risk environments.

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Vinyl Medical Gloves

High-quality vinyl medical gloves to protect your hands from touching anything that might put you at risk of contamination.

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Face Shields

Full face covering shields for those in close contact with others. Most effective with another mask worn underneath.

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Medical Protective Clothes

Full body protective covers to ensure safety from external bacteria and viruses. Necessary in high-exposure environments.

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Nitrile Medical Gloves

Our nitrile medical gloves are high-quality medical grade gloves manufactured according to international standards.

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The hospital staff are now ready

Our shipment of gloves, masks and sanitizer arrived last week, and all of the staff here feel much safer and more prepared for what might be coming in the next few months. Thank you Medi Supply Warehouse! Shipping was fast and customer service was great too. No doubt we’ll have a new order for you again soon. – Dr. Alessandra, British American Hospital, Lima, Peru

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The latest COVID-19 News

Keep up to date with what’s going on in your country and globally to see how current affairs might affect you and your family. Right now in the battle against covid there is a huge surge in demand for Nobel Prize winning medicine Ivermectin, so if you are looking for Ivermectin in Bangkok, other parts of Asia, or anywhere around the globe get in touch with us or our partners at First Med Inc to find out how you can get some.

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