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Germany’s COVID-19 Measures Result In Low Number Of Cases And Deaths

germany's covid-19 measures result in low number of cases and deaths

With countries all over the world struggling to come to terms with the impact of COVID-19, Germany has managed to not only limit the total number of cases but also register a lower total and relative death rate. For this reason Germany has attracted a lot of attention and praise for their handling of the […]

COVID-19 in Korea: Strategies To Manage Coronavirus

covid-19 in korea: strategies to manage coronavirus

After Wuhan, in late February 2020 Korea became the second international Covid-19 epicentre. Despite a sudden and significant spike in infections initially, the country soon turned the tide, and is now winning the fight against coronavirus. Korea‚Äôs advantage over many other countries is their recent experience of the 2015 MERS outbreak, which infected 185 Koreans, […]