Middle East

MediSupply Warehouse can arrange your delivery of synguard nitrile exam gloves or other medical supplies to any country in Middle East. At the moment there is a reduction in flights which is disrupting the global supply chain, however due to our extensive network of contacts we are still able to get our stock packaged and sent faster than most other suppliers. Deliveries can either be arranged directly from our warehouse in Hong Kong or if we don’t have stock for your large order, straight from the factory to you.

Because medical supplies are a priority delivery, we can often send orders even if there is a long queue of packages waiting to be delivered. For more information on your specific Middle-Eastern nation please click on the relevant country below. We can ship to other parts of the world too, unless government regulation forbids it, we will be able to get our supplies to you, quickly and safely. We know that speed of delivery and quality of products two of the most important factors when purchasing goods, so we aim to excel at both. Get in touch with one of our friendly staff today to find out more.